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Please listen to Father Mahoney's message given on July 2nd about the merger, how to suggest a new Parish name, nominating yourself to be elected to the new joint Parish Council, and information concerning our offertories and staffing.



14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Worship Aid




Please listen to Father Mahoney's message that he gave at the end of Trinity Sunday Mass regarding our finances and the conditions of our facilities.


What will our new name be?
You can email Fr Mahoney your suggestions for a new Saint's Name for the merged Parish at:

Fr Mahoney asks that you offer a Saint’s Name that has not been used in the Archdiocese so that whenever someone refers to our new name, the whole Archdiocese will know they are speaking of Burlington. You can find a list of all the parishes in the Archdiocese at https://www.bostoncatholic.org. Whatever name you suggest, please offer a paragraph or two as to why you picked this name for our new parish.  What are the attributes of the Saint that will guide our mission going forward?  Be creative.  A small committee has been formed to gather all the names and put together a list of the top 5 where all will be able to pick their top 3 names to give to the Cardinal.  He generally does pick one that is suggested.


Please read this message and watch the video by Cardinal Sean regarding the death of George Floyd.



On Saturdays at 4:00 pm we live stream Mass on Facebook.  If you are unable to watch it on Saturday the Mass will be here on this website by 6:00 pm.


You can also watch Mass on BCAT Sunday's at 10:00 am and Monday's at 3:30 pm. The cable providers are Comcast channel 9, RCN channel 3 and Verizon channel 39.



Burington Catholic Parishioners can sign up for their FREE subscription! Go to FORMED


In the words of the Holy Father...

VATICAN CITY -- Looking to see what the Pope has to say on the important matters of the day effecting the Church and world? To find out, simply Read more




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Please click here for all information we have on the virus and our Parish.

Sunday Mass Times

St. Malachy Parish
Saturday 4:00pm
Sunday 10:30am

St Margaret Parish
Saturday 4:30pm
Sunday 7:30am, 9:00am
and 12:00pm

Weekday Mass Times

St. Malachy Parish
Mon, Wed. & Fri.

St. Margaret Parish
Tues., Thur. & Sat.


Holy Day Mass Times
As announced in the parish bulletin.

Sacrament  of  Penance

The Sacrament of Penance  or confession is offered every Friday night from 6:00-7:00 pm in St. Malachy's chapel and is offered every Saturday afternoon from 2:30-4:00 pm in the chapel on the lower level of St. Margaret's Church.


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Online Giving

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